Scan to BIM Services & Point Cloud Modeling

Point cloud to BIM services help in better planning, digitizing, redesigning & refurbishment of the existing structures. The scan to BIM services can be used for the large variety of projects such as heritage sites, old buildings without any paper plans or blueprints, monuments, and historic structures. Scan to BIM services helps in capturing all the physical objects with their measurements, plan the retrofitting and rehabilitation of ancient structures, engineer and optimize the design of the manufacturing parts, etc. We provide clients with Scan to Revit BIM services for all types of architectural, structural, and MEP elements, helping contractors stay profitable.

Our Scan to BIM services

While converting the point cloud data into 3D models, we ensure LOD specifications are met to the project’s need along with the checks for design conflicts, as-built documentation and construction operations building information exchange (COBie) data for facility management requirements. After creating the 3D BIM models of architectural, structural and MEPF elements; our team can prepare RFIs for mismatches in scanned data in a point cloud.

Our point cloud to BIM services helps in reducing the project turnaround time with precise deliverables. Our scan to BIM services can be leveraged for building management, renovation, restoration, and refurbishment of buildings that have been built long ago. Scan to BIM services provides value to structures like public buildings, religious places, historical monuments, airports, train stations, and commercial buildings.

Our team has excellence for reading point cloud data and the ability to develop perfect BIM models with sharp accuracy in dimensions. Our Scan to Revit BIM services include: 3D BIM modeling, CAD to BIM, 2D CAD drafting, Revit modeling, design changes for renovations, etc. to all our associated surveyors across USA, Canada, UK, Netherland, France Italy, Germany, and Australia.

We provide scan to BIM services for following structures:

Commercial buildings


Residential structures




Our Point Cloud to BIM Services Include:

Scan to BIM Services for Historical Monuments

We have delivered accountable numbers of the scan to BIM models for old buildings and historical monuments; fulfilling various purposes including renovation and refurbishment. Our models assure sharp detailing of curves and carvings in the 3D model from the laser scan itself. Our portfolio of scan to BIM also includes various ancient buildings like libraries, temples, churches, and museums.

Scan to BIM Services for Train Stations and Airport

Our expert team has worked for renovation of old train stations and airports of multiple countries with scan to BIM modeling. Incorporating architectural, structural and MEPF disciplines, laser scans are converted into to 3D BIM models with the purpose of renovation and refurbishment of the existing structures.

Point Cloud to BIM Services for Residential & Commercial Structures

Our scan to BIM projects also includes the work of old residential buildings, educational institutes, hospitals, and commercial units. Along with this, we have also worked for developing floor plans and architectural construction drawings from laser scans. With point cloud to BIM, we modify the existing structure and reform it as per the client’s specific demands.

Point Cloud to BIM Services for Oil and Gas Plants

Our scan to BIM services also has various offerings for machinery, boiler rooms, and heavy industrial. In order to provide these offerings, we take point cloud images and convert them into detailed 3D BIM models.

Our Point cloud to BIM services include:

  • Tracing and surface reconstruction from the scanned point cloud data
  • Point cloud to BIM solutions and 3D modeling up to LOD 500
  • 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from the point cloud data
  • 3D models produced from the images captured by the drones
  • Scan to BIM modeling for Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines
  • Renovation projects, retrofit and building restoration projects for industries like aviation, automotive, heavy engineering, oil & gas, education, healthcare etc.

Why You Should Outsource Scan to BIM Modeling Services from Us?

  • On-time project delivery without compromising on regional and international design standards
  • Cost-effective and innovative process to develop as-built models from existing structures.
  • Accurate, detailed, and precision dimensions of the projects attained.
  • As-built model through virtual construction processes like interference checks, BIM Coordination, etc. for enhancements.
  • Privacy policy supporting strict confidentiality of designs and client identity