Architectural BIM Modeling Services

Architectural BIM modeling helps you to visualize the building in a detailed and cost-efficient manner over the conventional 2D detailing practice. It enhances the understanding of the project design and goals that can protect the stakeholders from on-site constructability errors and give you a chance to creatively solve the issues in a virtual environment. Our Architectural 3D BIM modeling offerings include: 3D BIM Modeling, 4D and 5D BIM modeling, 2D CAD drafting, Revit modeling, Architectural shop drawings, and design support to all our AEC stakeholders across USA, Canada, UK, Netherland, France, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

Architectural 3D modeling

Our team of expert BIM Architects can create customized detailed Architectural BIM models for all sorts of structures like Residential, Commercial, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools & Universities, Industrial buildings, etc. Our team has experience of working with large and renowned Architects, Structural consultants, and MEPF designers.

Our customized 3D BIM models will be built using the best tools like Revit, Navis Works, 3dsMax, etc. With true fabrication level deliverables, having multiple variations of your design, customized BIM components, and enhanced LOD with fabrication level specifications. We provide the best architectural BIM services and 3D architectural rendering services to our clients.

We provide Architectural 3D BIM modeling services for:

Commercial buildings


Residential structures




Our Architectural BIM Services Include:

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling

Our team of BIM Architects has hands-on experience in producing complex 3D Architectural BIM models for different infrastructure like government buildings, residential, commercial buildings, multi- purpose buildings, industrial warehouses and many more.

Schematic Design & Development

We provide Architectural BIM design support and services during the initial stages of project design and planning by helping our clients through 3D model visualization, Exterior & Interior views, Quantity takeoffs (Bill of Materials), and rendering services.

Construction Documentation

Our construction documentation offerings include: Detailed section drawings, floor plans & elevations, shop drawings, as-built drawings, BIM component creation, setting up a project standards, and etc.

Point cloud to BIM Modeling

Our team of Architects and BIM modelers has mastery in providing Point Cloud to BIM Services for various industrial building, heritage building, old residential & commercial buildings, historical monuments, ancient religious place, bridge and tunnels, Train stations, Airports and many more for its renovation, refurbishment, or digitization.

Revit Family Creation

We offer Revit Family creation services which include parametric as well as non-parametric Revit families for furniture, doors, windows and multiple other elements of the structure.

Site Plan Layout

Our site modeling services include preparing a topographical surface embedded with varying elevations from 2D CAD files, developing the site by adding building elements, building mass, retaining walls, trees, parking, gardens, pools, etc. Moreover, as per the client’s requirements, we also develop existing and new site conditions.

Architectural Exterior and Interior Modeling

Our Architectural exterior and interior modeling services include the modeling of exterior walls, roof, exterior facades, doors, windows, interior walls, furniture, fixtures, ceiling, flooring, staircase, internal doors & windows, along with the material application and various other components of a building.

Revit Construction Drawings

Our team of BIM Architects can work to develop the customized BIM project documents i.e. BIM Execution Plan (BEP), Project briefs along with the detailed Revit drawings to give insights on implementing the BIM, communicating information, modeling and every requirement across the project for seamless execution with assured ROI.

4D & 5D Services

Advancing the 3D BIM model, our BIM Architects are well-experienced in 4D & 5D BIM modeling. 4D BIM model includes scheduling and phasing while 5D BIM models consist of cost estimation of the construction. Accessing 4D and 5D BIM models empower you to take timely data-driven decisions

CAD Drafting and 3D Floor Plans

We support our clients in transforming their CAD drafting into a 3D BIM model. Additionally, we are serving coordinated architectural BIM model which provides design validations and clash detection.

Furniture Modeling Services

We offer 3D furniture modeling by coordinating with manufactures and furniture designers to develop parametric and non-parametric 3D models of furniture variety.

3D Architectural Rendering

Our team of Architectural renderers and BIM modelers can create detailed virtual parametric 3D BIM models for any kind of infrastructural developments like residential buildings, office areas, commercial sites, public amenities, etc.

Our BIM Offerings Include:

  • 3D BIM modeling and coordination
  • 2D cad drafting and quantity estimation
  • Walkthroughs and renderings
  • 3D modeling services
  • Parametric family creation/ BIM component creation
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Shop drawings, fabrication drawings, GA drawings, part drawings etc.
  • Steel detailing; rebar detailing, structural drafting, etc.
  • MEP and HVAC drafting
  • Revit libraries creation for MEP and HVAC equipment

Why Choose Us for 3D BIM Architectural Modeling Services?

  • On-time project delivery without compromising on regional and international design standards
  • Conceptual designing incorporating all services in a single BIM model
  • Real time design changes can be incorporated during pre and post construction phases
  • Minimizing drafting errors
  • Seamless collaboration between all stakeholders