client profile

One of the leading Constriction company in USA working Restoration and Renovation projects.


The client approached our team to prepare Architectural and Structural Model for Renovation project for a Timber Structure i.e. the Spectator Stands up to LOD 400 working on AWC standards. The Spectator stands were renovated to host from 300 spectators to 700 spectators.

Business Need

  • Preparing the existing structural and architectural model.
  • Preparing the demolition plan drawings.
  • Preparing the Architectural and Structural Good for Construction drawings.
  • Extracting the Bill of Material
  • Running Clash tests and Resolving them


  • Preparing the existing structure model for the very old blue print drawings and On-site measurement sketches.
  • The building was 80 years old Timber structure.

Solutions and Approach

  • Preparing the existing architectural and structure model following the existing drawings and On-site images
  • 3 Architects and 2 Engineers were deployed to deliver the project within 40 working days producing 50+ A1 construction drawings.


  • On time delivery of the project benefiting the client on their project delivery and planning.
  • High Precision reducing the construction errors and proper project execution.

Client Speaks

Engineers at Eshia were good at their work and execution.