client profile

The client is one of the Design consultancy based in Australia working multiple development projects in Australia and New Zealand.


The client approached our team to produce 300+ Architecture and MEP parametric Revit families to be prepared as per COBie standards.

Business Need

  • Preparing the Architecture furniture families.
  • The families are to be parametric with the minimum two types of for each family.
  • The family shall be attributed with all the necessary information as per customer catalogs.


  • Producing a minimum of 25 parametric families per week.
  • Understanding and anticipating the future modifications for the Revit families to perform well when used in projects.
  • Checking that the families produce comply with COBie standards

Solutions and Approach

  • 2 Engineers and 1 Architect were deployed to deliver the project within 90 working days producing 300+ Revit Families.
  • The team communicated with the client to understand and anticipate the important parameters of the families from the modeling point of view and asset information point of view.
  • Prepared a Revit Family journal providing the description about the families and their parametric properties.


  • Journal providing the exact information required for user to understand and utilize them in the project well.
  • Attributed with the information as per standards benefiting the users to extract the right information as demanded in the project, saving time on recreating the parameters and reducing the modeling error and warnings in the project.

Client Speaks

Nice work. We are happy to be in business with Eshia and their team. Glad they pitched their idea on preparing the Revit Family Journal with categorical arranging the families produced with their information available any end user to refer and utilize it well in their project.