client profile

The client is one of the consultants from Australia.


The client approached our team to prepare Architecture and MEP BIM models from the 3D scanned files of commercial stores.

Business Need

  • Going through the 3D scanned data with the point accuracy of 1000 points per square feet and preparing the Architecture and MEP model.
  • The model is to be developed up to LOD 300 with high geometry accuracy
  • Creating the demolition and new construction drawings for the renovation of the buildings.


  • Large file size requiring high system configuration to manage and work with.
  • Working on new and improved modeling methodology to achieve the high model accuracy.
  • Producing multiple building models with a weekly production of 2 building units per week which included 3D model files and Renovation drawings.

Solutions and Approach

  • 3 Engineers and 3 architects were deployed to deliver the project within 40 working days producing 2 building models and 20+ sheets per week.
  • Improving the modeling methodology to handle the heavy 3D scanned files and provide accuracy.


  • Smooth execution of modeling work and accurate 3D model.
  • Using 3D coordination for planning and designing the renovation parts of the buildings.

Client Speaks

When the team understands the scope of work well, it makes the complex challenges simple. The best part in working with Eshia is that they understand BIM beyond just 3D modeling tools.