client profile

The is one of the leading developers and construction company in India working major development projects from high rise commercial building to larger townships.


The client approached our team to prepare the Structural model for a G+20 Commercial building up to LOD 300 to for Clash detection and Detailed Quantity takeoff of the Steel, Concrete and Post Tension Cables.

Business Need

  • Preparing the Structural model up to LOD 300.
  • Generating Reinforcements for all the concrete elements, preparing their Bar bending schedules.
  • Modeling the Post Tension cables and extracting their quantities.
  • Extracting the quantities of concrete.


  • Modeling of the Post Tension cables and extracting their exact quantities.
  • Short turnaround time for modeling the entire G+20 building with the reinforcements.
  • Non Typical structure and reinforcement making the model more complex to finish
  • Revising the model as per the design changes.

Solutions and Approach

  • Preparing the structure model as per the design drawings and modeled the entire reinforcement.
  • 6 Engineers were deployed to deliver the project within 40 working days producing 50+ A1 construction drawings.


  • On time delivery of the project benefiting the client on their project delivery and planning.
  • High Precision in reinforcement modeling reducing the quantity of steel compared to manual steel calculation, saving the cost for the client and saving the materials used.

Client Speaks

This was our first pilot project for using the BIM tools with a strategy to understand future potential for BIM for our upcoming projects. Team at Eshia have been very proactive in not only addressing the scope of work, they have also help our team in training them about BIM.