Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for structural steel detailers and fabricators. The user can create a detailed 3D model of any type of steel structure; from industrial and commercial projects to stadiums and high rise buildings.

This course is designed to introduce students to Tekla Structures and enable to them to create detailed models, reports and drawings. After completing this course, the student will qualify as a Trimble Certified Tekla Structure Professional in Basic Structural Modeling.

The curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Tekla: Interfacing, Modeling tools and Editing tools
  • Structural Connection Modeling and Detailing
  • Creating Reinforcement, Assemblies and Cast-In units
  • Steel and concrete Staircases, railings and cage ladders
  • Numbering, Reporting and scheduling
  • Creating and managing Construction drawings

Tekla Structures Professionals can also reinforce their skills in Tekla through our Tekla Structures Advanced training Program.

The curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Tekla multi-user modeling and Collaboration
  • Template editor, Reports and Layouts
  • Creating Parametric Custom components
  • Drawing classifier and master drawing catalogs
  • Auto Defaults and Auto Connections
  • 4D tool (Time Management)